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  • A Hero’s Welcome @ Rancho San Diego Elementary School

A Hero’s Welcome @ Rancho San Diego Elementary School

SAN DIEGO – A Navy sailor who has been away from his family for 358 days was able to stop counting the days Wednesday as he surprised his two daughters at their San Diego schools.

Omar Aleman returned to San Diego Wednesday and immediately went to be with his family.

homecomingHe started at Rancho San Diego Elementary school where Abella Aleman was reading a Valentine’s Day letter meant for her dad.

“You are the greatest dad because you are so special. I miss you and I love you. Thank you for being my dad. Will you be my Valentine?”

When she was done, her dad who was standing behind her answered “yes.”

”I gave him a humongous hug,” the first grader said with tears running down her cheeks.

An hour later, Aleman went across town to see his daughter Alyssa. She was settling into a counseling assembly when her dad walked into the room.

Alyssa recognized the man wearing Navy camouflage and blurted “Daddy!?”

“It seems like a dream. It’s been so long… life is a lot harder without him home,” said Alyssa.


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Cherie Wall, Principal

Rancho San Diego

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